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A Journey through Audio Excellence

Frisky Basket

Is music for promoting brain growth in an age of dystopia.
Music that stimulates anticipation vs. expectation.

Various types of electronica, trance & ambient.

The albums "Tech Noir" & "Howard Roark" is free to stream & download below.

Howard Roark

Classy Non-Violent Rebel Hero

The shadow gets married, a slave owner gets fired.
Howard Roark handles his arch enemy with grace, boss wants his face slapped. FBI bust themselves, again!

This and more, in Howard Roark!

12 tracks spanning 51 minutes


Tech Noir

September 2016

Dark Electronica

How to live in peace (#3Freestyle)
How to proceed further at the grand world exit (#5Arkane)

Plus shades of ~ industrial, c64, trance, lo-fi and experimental.

14 tunes spanning 60 minutes.
Critics say: a very original, bold and fresh album.


All the music here

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Be generous.

Is free to download and enjoy..


Good old nuggets

60 + tunes in a large variety of styles all flying under the Frisky banner..
 Some have aged well, others stay for nostalgic value. Take a peak and judge for yourself.

(opens in a new window) 


"Frisky Basket reinvents itself and the sound of the electronica genre. Their most sonically adventurous album of all time 'Tech Noir' is out now. The tunes of Tech Noir are bold, and a fresh new look at electronic music."

The adventurous impact of sonic play



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Enjoy, and have a nice day.

Frisky Basket, Jones.

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